Hi! I am currently in the process of wiring my Overhead Panel. In doing so, I'm relying exclusively on Pokeys 56 U for Switches, the elec disyplay from Wendy and Phidgets 64 LED advance for the LED's. I'm also planning my MIP and I have got a question regarding the MIP modules on the market: I'm looking for MIP modules (in particular the AFDS module, two Sixpack modules and two Master Fire/Warning modules) which I can wire to the Pokeys 56 U in combination witch Wendy's LED Expansion Board. I know that the Pokeys work only with common anode. In the search process I came across different stores: Flyengravity, Sismo soluciones, simparts.de, etc. I know that it is possible to order common anode modules from sismo and from simparts.de but have no idea how easy it will be to wire those modules with the pokeys56U. Does anybody have experience in wiring MIP modules with the pokeys56U and can point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance and greetings from Austria =)