Just want to stick my head in and say hello..

Name is Dave, been at this whole FlightSim thing for 20+years, been a member of Vatsim (Satco) since almost day one. Was the ACI at the Toronto FIR on Vatsim until the real world got in the way 7 or 8 years ago. Currently one of the founding members of Canadain Xpress VA, one of the more popular VAs in Canada.

Really kicked my home flightdeck in to high gear over the last few months.

Current setup..

#1 - I7 desktop - FSX, Saitek yoke, peddles, radio stack, AP panel with 3 23inch LCDs
#2 Dual Core Desktop - vPilot, FSACARS, Teamspeak, FS Realtime
#3 AMD 1.6ghz Latop - PlanG, EFB Display unit - on a 21inch LCD
#4 Centrino latop - Active Sky Next..

Current task is to rework the centre console as its too wide to reach the radio stack and the throttles are too far back and need to come forward a few inches.

Future idea is to add a touch screen for the overhead, that's where I need a little help from you guys.. Questions to follow