I thought the title should get some attention. A friend was scrapping a full size Tomahawk and I got the cockpit. I really wanted a twin but the Tomahawk fits into my garage so I've made it into a generic twin. Actually it becomes pretty much whatever I need to fly. My main interest is in teaching anything to do with flight instruction or aircraft engineering.

I used to fly a real World War 2 bomber (Lockheed Hudson) converted to civilian aerial survey standard on high altitude air photo and low level geophysical aerial survey. As a result of the equipment we had on board I got interested in electronics and then into full motion electronic flight simulators.

My sim has a 50 inch monitor for the outside world and two old Dell 19 inch monitors for the left and right instrument panels plus there's an extra monitor outside the cockpit for another program that I wrote to teach "clock and compass" navigation. The two 19 inch monitors have been modified to full touch screen standard. The "touch screen" monitors are the key to dramatically cutting down the added complexity of many switches and greatly facilitate the ability to use many different instrument. panels.