Hi guys,

I'm just getting started with my A320 build and I'm starting with the APU/lighting panel. Now I've got my MasterCard and USB expansion all set, and I'm slowly getting to grips with sioc. However, I'm a bit confused when it comes to three way toggle switches. Take for example the landing lights. I have the switch currently wired say input 1 = retract, input 2 = on with the centre off position set to off.

the way I've written the script, using a few examples I've found around the internet set to something like

var 1802 Static, name LANDING_LT_L // landing light left Var 1 name LANDING_LT_R Link IOCARD_SW device 46 Input 1 Type I // landing light retract
v1802 = 0
Var 2 name LANDING_LT_O Link IOCARD_SW device 46 Input 2 Type I // landing light on
v1802 = 1

is this right? As I understand it, SIOC only reads state changes, so once the switch moves from 'retract' to the centre 'off' position (input 1 moves from on to off) The script should send the command to the sim to move the associated switch. Then once I move the switch up to 'on' the state changes again and the sim responds accordingly.

So is this the correct way to script a three way switch? I'm hoping I'm on the right track as there's a fair few of them.

best wishes,

Jess B