Hi everyone, first thread on this forum!
My biggest dream and goal in my life was to become an airline pilot.
However, my dream got crushed last year when I got diabetes type 1...

So... I have a new goal...

I want to build an a320 home cockpit the day I turn 18, I am 100% beginner, not very good with electronic stuff etc so I would prefer p&p.

I have a list of stuff for my cockpit (mostly skalarki since I hear so good about it)
but I am not sure what MIP to go with. Both fds and skalarki look good but the price difference is rather big...
I have some questions about FDS dstd.

1. Are the sidesticks and tillers for both captain and f/o included?
2. Where can I get the optional left and right sidestick console? (I don't want to build myself unless I have some good angles, dimensions etc...
3. Why is the FCU backlight blue? It's annoying and makes me want to go with skalarki... ^^

I also have some questions about skalarki.
1. The FCU requires a "glare shield section". Where can I get this ?
2. Does the p&p pedestal include the motorized throttle, 2x MCDU and the "base" it stands on?
3. Do I have to build a main structure by myself? If so, any good drawings with the angle of the "tilt" etc?