Hi Guys

I've been looking around for ages at building my own home cockpit and have had a few "cheap" ideas for basic displays

I have looked on ebay and found the following items for pennys

5" Car Reversing / DVD Monitor 12.00 (Touchscreen)
USB Graphics Adaptor
SVGA to RCA Converter

My plan is to:

Connect the USB Graphics Adaptor to the pc and connect the RCA connection to the 5" Monitor, this in theory should give me a 5" touchscreen extension of my desktop? Which I am hoping to then use as Touchscreen GPS on the 737 in FS9

My question is, has anyone out there tried this?

I know there are clips on Youtube featuring Touchscreen Monitors with the default GPS Device and it works but the 7" monitor they have used is well over 150

Hopefully if my idea works, Total UK cost would be less than 30