Hi all,
Our Perth crew training for Worldflight 2014 is in full swing every Monday night in the Aerosim Solutions workshop. Practically the whole team from Worldflight 2013 is still together with a few exceptions and a few new faces. FlightCity777 has declined to participate in this year's fundraiser so I have offered my 737 sim for the event. My 737 sim is still not finished but has recently become flyable due to the commissioning of the new computers with P3D and Prosim737. The crew are assisting me greatly and we are forging ahead to have the sim completed by November which certainly looks achievable. Work on the overhead is progressing well with about 50% of the wiring completed, it was a great joy to test the fuel pump control panel last week to see the switches and annunciators working correctly. The FDSSYS cards from Flightdeck Solutions are outstanding and highly recommended. When the sim is complete I will be able to re launch Aerosim Solutions in proper and get back to helping out other builders, sorry for all the delays guys but it will happen!

A video from our training 7th of July - http://worldflightperth.com.au/flight-media/video/ (See "Circuit training at YPPH").

All the best, Gwyn