Just become a member to meet (probably just virtualy) some other builders to exchange ideas and info, i'm currently building an Boeing 737NG sim. I build the shell in collaboration with the school i'm working at..(just posted some pics so you can see what im dooing )..Im working every saturday on the shell...and making good progress...i think . You can find my progress on facebook https://www.facebook.com/737NGproject (please like it )
At home i'm building the MIP/ Overhead/TQ/Pedestal. Currently i'm busy building in the screens and electronics for the MIP.
At the same time i'm collecting all kind of stuff that i think i need...for example..stuff for the Yoke and steering...Just found a force feedback steer form MS, that was last used a decade ago ,....im going to convert that into the steering tiller ..
I started arround dec 2013, im in no hurry whatsoever ....i hope to get a bit of flying done arround the end of the first year (2014) (at that point not everything is working then)
And go from there.....i know its a never ending story, but i hope to get the most work done in 2 years.

In the mean time....keep on flying and building

greetings from Bovenkarspel the Netherlands