Hi All,

New to this forum, finding lots of great info on building my cockpit. A few years ago I built a 3 screen cockpit and was very happy with it, was generic with Goflight modules, but brought hundreds of hours of enjoyment. After a break, going to do it again.

Biggest question I have at this point is how to run 180 degrees view on 5 screens. I currently have 5 screens running of a single Eyefinity card. They are portrait to give more vertical FOV. However, I havent been able to get the images to line up by undocking and making 5 windows. I see a thread on here called WindowMaker (looks like a great tool) would this help me on my quest?

If there are any kind souls willing to help me setup the 5 monitors, if I get stuck, via pm or email, I would owe you a bottle of scotch

Hoping for some advice,