Hello world,

Used to use version 5 a year or so back with a 0/16/16 interface card. All happy worked well.

Have some downtime so reinstalled 5.0.21 and most recent Phidget library and have an issue. Same with two 0/16/16 cards, on two PCs, same issue, which is:

The card works fully under the taskbar utility, input and output.
The card works fully under version 4.3.93 input and output.
When under control of 5.0.21 the o/p part of the card is not recognised. The toolbox is empty, and the output test doesn't work. Though the input test does.

I am suspicious because on the Phidget site, the most recent library mentions something about issues with outputs from interface cards......

Have been racking my brain all weekend, and I'm 99% sure it's not me!!

Any thoughts?

And by the way, a most invaluable bit of software.