Hi there,

First, i'm sorry for my english. I hope i can be understandable

I'm a neewbie here, passionate by aircraft, FS2004 user and FSX since the launch of the game.

I wish i can make a 737NG cockpit.
It will be my fist attempt in doing so. I know i know, it's not a good idea to start with such a huge piece of work but, well, i like challenges

I'm in the early stage of reflexion. Nothing is plan yet. I think it's a five or six years project minimum. I don't have any idea of the total cost but... Who cares when it comes to passion ?

I hope i will find in here some basic tips and trick, and some advices to know where to start, where to go.

My big problem is that i'm really noob with tools. I mean i'm not sure i can put a nail in a wooden board

But anyway, happy to be in here, wish you all some good flights