I have some simkits instruments based on the CCU2 ,
the ccu2 is using 32 bit software windows XP 32 ,
Microsoft and Simkits does not support the OS/ccu2 anymore and will be slowly fased out.
for the single needle gauges there are usb circuits available costing an arm and a leg if I replace them all .
for the complex gauges like Vor 1 vor 2 altimeter there is nothing at all, and usb versions are overpriced

The question is can I use the servo`s inside the instruments (HORIZON, VOR 1 VOR 2 SPEED ALTIMETER ENGINE GAUGES ETC
and convert them into sioc driven instruments,

I have the mastercards and want to buy the servo cards and others if needed.
can I build Cessna yokes with sliding pots using sioc .
Regards Henk