Hey all

Now it has been many years since I used Foxy and created a profile. Anyway - long story short I had a profile for FSX which i created years ago. After a hard drive crash which had me lose 10 years of information family photos etc etc I realised that my TMJ file for FSX went with it.

SO with that said does anyone have a Thrustmaster HOTAS Cougar file for FSX OR:

There was a way to program that when speedbrake was locked at T10 position and I pulled the throttel all the wya back I would get reverse thrusters BUT if i was flying and the SPD BRK was in the middle it would not activate the speed brake. Yeah i have tried cougar world and the files downloaded have links which no longer work.

I can't seem to get it working that way any longer - frustration is setting in LOL

ANY help is appreciated.