Hi, this is my first post, hope its in the correct area!

I have used opencockpit boards to build my own MCP. I have this working with the standard FSUIPC offsets. I now want to start using my MCP with aeroSystem737 avionics software. The course, IAS, and Heading all work as they use the standard offsets. The MCP altitude and VS use Aerosoft offsets. I have limited experience with SOIC and need help/examples of how to implement the Aerosoft requirements into SOIC.

Regards, Glynn

From Aerosoftwebpage http://www.aerosoft.com.au/aerosoft_.../hardware.html

Sending acommand is very simple. A command is sent using the addresses below.

Address description length

7370 command 1 byte

7371 value smallinteger (2 bytes)

Before you senda command you must first make sure that address 7370 hex has a value of 0. ifit is 0 you can write a command to that address, with an optional value toaddress 7371 hex. When aeroSystems has finished processing the command,aeroSystems will set 7370 hex back to 0, informing you that itís ready toaccept another command.

Hereís an easy example:

If value ataddress 7370 hex = 0 then


FSUIPCbegin request

write acommand to address 7370 hex

write anoptional value as a small integer (-32767 to +32767) to address 7371 hex

FSUIPCsend request


So remember, if7370 is not 0 you cannot send a command until aeroSystems resets it back to 0.



Command /Value /Description

1 0 to 500 MCP altitude divided by 100. eg. to set MCP to 37500 write 375

2 -79 to 60 Vertical speed divided by 100