Hi All,

According to the FSUIPC documentation I have 4 options that I can communicate back to FS(X) when starting a turbine engine. I am sending a value back to offset 0892m the options I have are:
Jet/turbojet: 0=Off, 1=Start, 2=Gen
Prop: 0=Off, 1=right, 2=Left, 3=Both, 4=Start

I am using C# in my application and contact with FS(X) is fine, BUT, when I send a "2" back , both the engine starter switch and the generator switch engage. I only want the engine starter to engage, the generator is only turned on after the engine has been started.

It is probably something minor that I am failing to see here.

For interests sake, this is my code for the starter, simple and straightforward:

            if (starterLeft.SelectedIndex == 0)
                //Starter is off
                eng1Start.Value = 0;
            if (starterLeft.SelectedIndex == 1)
                //starter is on 
               eng1Start.Value = 1;
Thanks for looking