Hey Guys,

Its been a while since I posted on this Forum as I have been neglecting my Cockpit build that I made from 2006 to 2009. As I have move countries from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia to Brisbane, Australia, I have had my cockpit build in boxes for the move. We now have our own home here in Brisbane and with that I have started to unpack the boxes of my B737 Cockpit. We moved to Australia about 3 years now and have been staying in a rented home till recently and since we have more space now, I have thought of Building a FULL SCALE B737 MIP as the Engravity MIP I had was the 85% scaled version. I think its too small now ( as I have Space ) and was thinking of the FDS Module MIP for the 737.

As the bug has bitten me again after I unpacked, I will have to start from scratch again and undoubtely I will have to count on expert advise from Ian Sissons whom I had the pleasure of visiting him in 2008 in Wales and flying his cockpit. Being in Australia. I know there are some Sim Builders out there , especially Westozy ( Gwyn ) in Perth and I am hoping to be able to be in touch with some around Brisbane through this forum.

So for all the simmers and sim builders in and around Brisbane, maybe we could get in touch. Please PM me and I can re-live my Flight Simming and Building days once again.