I managed to make an fsbus com board and an fsbus io board.

My problem is that when i first made the fsbus board it was working without errors so i continued to construct the io board i conected all together and i realised that nothing worked anymore, after some troubleshooting i found an fault component on the io board i disconected it and unfortunatly i managed to touch the com board on my pc case (i know not protecting a board with electronics is stupid )
and after that point when i conect the com board on my serial port the max232 gets to hot and i get errors in the test.
What i have tried is another max232, testing all components on the board with a multimeter and still it get's to hot and not working.

My question is does anybody know what the problem might be ? or shall i order all the component again and make it again on a new board ?

thank you in advance