Hi all,

was at flight sim expo thing at raf cosford over the weeked and spotted this JetMax - Virtual Aerospace - Gifts | Experiences | Training

Can anyone give their opinions on it, (it would be paired up with the cobra concave screen). Could an overhead panel be introduced etc..?

secondly, i remember seeing a site where you pay to watch videos showing you how to fly various aircraft, can anyone tell me what it was called?

Ideally, i would love a full size thing with dual controls etc, and just wondering if there are any products out there which fit my needs. Funds wise, im not going to say unlimited, but if the product is right, then i will spend the money.

Dont have the time to spend researching and building a sim (i know that sounds a little ignorant), however i have the space and really really want a sim. Most ive seen are centred around 737's, but id settle with a little biz jet if need be. I also would't mind something older with the old VOR dials as i am an instrument rated pilot and would use the sim to keep current while I do my commercial license as i dont get chance to fly that often now.