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    Hello everbody


    I am new here, my name is Roel.
    I live in the Netherlands and am building (like many more ) a 737-800 cockpit.
    I started the end of last year.

    Current status is that the MIP is starting to look a bit like a MIP now .
    I also produced some hardware like MCP, EFIS, NAV and COM radio's and lots of other stuff.
    I build all these parts myself , exept the outer panels, i bought those from hispapaneles and prosimparts.

    I also was able to buy some original parts from a local professional sim builder .
    I have left and right fusepanels , glareshield, gearlever and rudderpedals from a real 737

    Right now i still am struggeling with which software to use.
    Personally i think products like PM and prosim are ridiculous expensive, so i am working my way arround these to get all working.


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