First off- I really want to thank you Jim for the time and effort you have put into this program. I am quite excited to move into areas of my SIM which have not yet been conquered before.

A quick bit of background- I have a Lear 45 simulator I have been working on for a few years. There is actually a large group of guys collaborating on all aspects of the Lear. This has allowed me to have a fairly functional scale (in most respects) instrument panel. Untill now- there has been a few areas of the Lear that defy easy solutions- but Arduino is changing that quickly.

Thanks to Link2fs- I was able to begin my Cabin Pressure panel. I was able to use Link2fs outputted to an Arduino Pro-Mini hooked up to a Nokia 5110 LCD to properly simulate the panel. I just need to find a way of having two encoders write to an internal variable/value to simulate a manual Landing Altitude and Manual Pressure setpoints- and this beast is done. The two encoders just need to switch to a single line of desiplay showing the user setpoint- then revert to the normal display I already have. Any pointers appreciated

Again- Thanks Jim for your work on this!

P.S- Any chance you could add all the APU functions/extractions in your next build That's the next panel I'm gonna tackle hahaha.

Here's a couple of the videos from my Youtube channel


Video1: (had to link)

Tutorial: Arduino LCD linked to FSX- Learjet Home Cockpit - YouTube

and video2: