Hello guys.
I there anyone who has struggled with programming FSUIPC with a BU0836X card?
I have spent hours and days to being able to program my new home made B737 TQ.

The speed brake also works well, same with parking brake.

What does not work well, is engine cut off (stop) and start handles. I was told to use Mixture lean and Mixture rich, it makes the engines stop, but the function is not satisfying. When actuating engine 1, the gear handle goes up to middle position. Been searching all over to find where there is a collision, but no result so far.
Have rechecked if FS controller is active, but it isn't

The flaps is activated by two micro switches. One goes on or off, depending if I move the handle backwards or forward. The second jump over 9 notches.
But I am not able to program this one, anyone who knows how to?
In FSUIPC there is an assignment for flaps, but that is for using potmeter.

Now I put my trust in you guys, sure someone out there has some knowledge


Any simmers in south Sweden perhaps??