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    737NG Series "The project Neverland"


    The last month I got a big decision and that was to start building my own home cockpit simulator.
    I make part of my living by flying, so I spend a time of my life per year inside a flight deck, but having your own sim at home!! That's a total different think. That's a kind of utopia that my buddy called it, “your own Neverland”, so he instantly became the godfather of my Project.!!

    I was thinking to start posting a thread here not before receiving my first parts. Although after a while of researching the web for parts that fit my tastes, I found a big wall of different details and parameters unknown to me. So I decided to post early before making any any order that I regret later on.

    So..about the project!!!
    The type of aircraft I like to represent is the Boeing 737 NG Series. I will try to build it close to detail as possible, especially in the part of the systems function. I know I will need a big budget for that ....but as a lifetime investment in my psychological hygiene and joy, I am prepared.

    My first step will be the MIP. For that I'm thinking the use of the below :

    FlyengravityMIP Desk
    CPFlight ''IntegratedMain Instrument Panel with subpanels''
    CPFlight MCP737EL
    CPFlight EFIS

    My questions now are:
    a).I've read that flyengravity offer the MIP assembled with the CPmodules. Is that true? Unfortunately they haven't reply in my email yet .

    b).I am in between of having Analog STBY instruments or Digitals.

    Analogs:Will fit best on Flyengravity MIP Desk but. Are more expensive. Even Flightillusions doesn't make the exact replicas. And the biggest, as far as I saw, problem will be to found a 10,4” screen for the ECAM,that fits in that place when the STBY's are installed.

    Digital:If I use digital representation of STBY instruments, the use of a10,4” screen is replaced by a 15” or 14” that is more easy to find. I surely cut expenses...BUT!! In order to have the digital STBY as 737 has, I'll have to convert the bezels on the FE panel. Blank the top and replace the two below. Dose anyone done that before or have any idea of how to?

    That's all for now!!
    Many thanks to all for helping out!! And I congratulate you for your amazing community!!

    Best regards
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