I have a hard problem to solve, i have built a Cdu and using Oc Usb_keys for the buttons
and as software im using Project magenta, i have written a script for sioc that makes it
like a virtual joystick and then in fsuipc im using the offset 5428 that is for pm cdu
i have programmed all buttons and it works perfectly!! BUT!!!!!!! Then some buttons just stop working
and then more!! Its not a hardware problem because when i press the buttons i see it works in iokeys.
But nothing in fsuipc just some of them, then if i restart Sioc then everything works fine again..
it,s like sioc forgets to communicate out some commands in the script..
but why after a while??

And yes im using toggle command in script, i can press same key many times
but the it can just stop

You who can solve this for me are the king!!