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    Problems with TQ? Do NOT DIY- ask Oral !!

    Hi there,

    I had big trouble with my 2 years old formerly called "White Pro" TQ after a total PC crash.

    I tried to get it running for 1 week by myself (but must confess have little experience in SIOC programming) with
    absolutely NO results, but got my indicator motor running all the time....

    Then a friend of mine gave me this eMail adress:

    He mailed back to me within 4 hours, apologising that it lasts so long !!! Then we meet via skype and teamviewer in my cockpit- he only needs 30 minutes to get the TG running perfectely!

    Great guy and very kind- it was a pleasure to work with him !!

    My advice: You can help Oral by downloading the latest sioc software from Revolution simproducts site and install it like it is described in their manual ( easy to do, even when you know nothing about SIOC with their great step-by-step manual and/or video). You can connect your throttle via the (two) USB cables and download the Throttle controll programm.

    But the downloadable .ssi files were ABSOLUTELY useless in my case!! Oral provided me with a total other one and he did the whole programming of the throttle for me. Now it works like a charm after

    only 30 Minutes !!!

    So I want to say " thank you " again here!

    And maybe this will threat will help others who are near to go crazy by trying to get the Throttle running by themselfs-in my case it was just a waste of time....

    BTW: I tried all other eMail adresses on the revolution simproduct site with no results- "" even seemed to be down. All mails was returned back to me....So try Oralīs above !

    At last: Sorry for my bad english...
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