hi jim and all the friends around the forum.
so i've been reading a lot about the implementation of arduino but i'm facing a lot of doubts and probably some of my own stupidity is stoping me to understand the programing. so i've stoped by the forum to see if guys can help me with some code. so i now have 2 arduino cards, one uno and one mega, let's stick with the uno for now. i've done what jim instructed to get it to display on my character lcd the com 1 and the altitude and airspeed, it works great but it's not i want it to show. what i want is this: the top line saying without change "vertical speed" showing all the time and the bottom line displaying the assigned vertical speed of the mcp. i dont need any rotary encoder associated i just needed it to show that indication. also i've bought an jy-lm1640 from from fasttech since dealxtreme were sold out and now i have 16 digit 7segment board i would like to associate along side with the uno but showing mcp altitude set, heading sel, speed and course. is this possible? how do i do that? can anyone pointe me in the right direction? i'll be very gratefull