I'm happy to announce that after lot of detailed work I
just finished the design of a new board that is capable to drive up to 38 relays
and which directly plug into Opencockpits mastercard, using all of its 38
outputs, that means that you will have a simple IDC cable connecting the relay
board to the mastercard and you are done!

Here are some features of the board:

  • Easy interfacing through 40pin IDC connector and screw terminals for the
    connections to the relays.
  • 20 Relays SPDT rated 250VAC 10A or 30VDC 10A
  • 8 Relays SPDT rated 250VAC 10A or 30VDC 10A with protection diode to connect
    inductive loads such as solenoids, coils or motors up to 3A
  • 2 Relays DPDT rated 250VAC 10A or 30VDC 10A
  • 4 Relay configurations logic commanded (2 relays per channel) for uses like
    changing a bus voltage (like Korrys Dim function from 28V to 12V)
  • 2 Relays SPDT with the possibility to have external driven coil by jumper
    setting on the board
  • Variable feed voltage to the board from 5 to 35VDC max. The onboard voltage
    regulator will supply 12VDC for the relay coils and status leds
  • One led for each relay to monitor its status and one Led to monitor Feed
  • Properly sized tracks to match maximum rating of relays
  • 4 copper pours with screw terminal to use to common any kind of bus you like
  • Possibility to configure the board for your needs: you can mount and use
    only 1 , 7, 12, 34 or the number of relays u really need to save cost
  • Board dimensions: 200 x 225 mm

Those are just the major feature but maybe I forgot something. It can be a
really useful board for all sim builders to keep things simple, safe and

Board alone (along with components list) is in presale at 20 until June
the 23rd. After this period ends you will pay a second part of 30 for a total
of 50 + shipping instead of future price of 60 + shipping.

Possibility to have the board assembled and tested for additional cost on
On request You can watch some pictures of rendered image of the board.

Any question feel free to ask me!!