Just spent the morning visiting the workshop of a simulator parts provider here in the Stuttgart area.

After almost a year here in Stuttgart I finally had the opportunity to stop by and visit with Jörg Weinmann at Simparts.de. I've kept abreast of his website offerings for a while but was surprised at the number of products he actually has available. More so, I was stunned at the quality and craftsmanship he puts into his parts and panels. Truthfully, his website doesn't do the company justice.

He is a very nice guy, personable, and more than willing to talk about what started as hobby, where he's at, and where he wants to take it. Like other companies in this genre, his market has expanded to heights he never thought he'd get to, but he wants to get back to providing a quality, affordable solution for the hobbyist. As we all know, that will be in the eye of the consumer.

I won't expound on his plans, as he hasn't asked me to. I will say I can't wait to see what he offers over the next few months.

I for one am glad we finally got to meet and I look forward to interacting with him and his staff more.

Thanks for having me over, Jörg. I look forward to more discussions around our hobby as time goes on! Feel free to pass my contact info to other builders in the area as I always look forward to flying with others.