Hello everyone,
this question must have been asked before, however I cannot find any thread dealing with it...

In fsx I used to setup 3 outside view windows, save the flight then edit the *.flt file and change the camera parts to setup 3 views on 3 different monitors, each with a different "view heading" and zoom factor.
How do I do this in prepare3d ?

I bought 1 copie of p3d to give one of the 3 views via network to a second PC (no more need to use wideview which Iīm using right now)
I realize I need 2 copies of p3d but before buying I would like to read an instruction on how to distribute views via network. Can anyone provide me
with a comprehensive link on how to do that ?

I looked through lockheed website, but itīs all just to much text and "theoretical" for me....

Thankīs in advance