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    BAe146 Master Warning Panel

    Here are some pictures of my completed MWS for my 146 simpit build. As my search for a real 146 MWS was unsuccessful... I was lucky to have a whole bunch of Grimes lamp units which I converted to LEDs and etched out new warning legends to replace the existing inserts.

    I basically started with a base, and then worked my way "up" from the bottom. You can see in one of the pics I used 1/8 inch wooden dowel in the lamp unit holes to line them up and stack them one on top of the other. The first row of light units (at the bottom) is fixed (glued) to the bottom base and each dowel is glued into position at the bottom as well. The remaining light units are just threaded thru the dowels and stacked on top of each other..

    Once all 19 rows of lights are installed, a top plate is fitted thru the dowels (exact replica of the base), then the very top of each dowel is threaded to accept a nut in order to hold everything in place.

    The whole apparatus is a bit 'fluid' as it easily 'twists' a bit around the dowels when it is not in secured in the center panel, but it is very solid in the vertical axis, that is to say that it does not move or bend back and forth.

    Once the unit is put into the center panel slot, and the machine screws are fastened down, the unit basically twists back to "true" and is square in all corners.

    Each lamp unit has the appropriate colored 5mm superbright LED. By using just the lexan lens with the engraved malfunction, I needed to place something to diffuse the light to get a nice bright, but readable caption. For this I used small styro-foam inserts, cut to fit inside the lamp unit. (Since the LEDs do not generate any heat, there is no need to worry about burning).

    Once I get it hooked up I will send some pictures with the lights illuminated.
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