Hello everyone,

Im Dan and I live in Whitby, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom.

I am a private pilots license holder and will soon start my commercial license and eventually work towards the multi-engine instrument rating. I have always wanted a home simulator to be used with FSX and if i had the money and talent, I would build a full size 737 sim.

I have been looking at the Saitek pro flight instrument stuff, so the displays, the switch panel, etc etc, basically this - XTOP Pro Flight Panel with all necessary Saitek modules included - AviationMegastore.com

However I do fancy a few more instruments, say another 3 for a few other functions I have and possibly I wish to incorporate a gps which would have to be done with a small screen mounted behind the dash and therefore I am at the point where i need to build my own.

So i guess what im asking is if any of you have any experience with the said instruments, particularly how these things actually would mount in my mdf frame and if anyone could give me some tips on building the frame itself. Will mostly be flying the learjet within FSX and any other twin engine aircraft.