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    Lightbulb ADI simulator conversion help required


    I am about to convert an old Caravelle cockpit for simulator use.
    Most instruments are easy to convert using servos or stepper motors and opencockpit cards.
    However a few instruments such as the ADI require much more attention.
    I am a bit in trouble with the ADI which I want to move 90 left/right and 90 up/down. It cannot make any 360 on the roll as the cables for the pitch servos would get damaged.
    I have tried using servos but I am not very happy with that for one main reason: Since the ADI is THE primary instrument in a cockpit the scales need to run very smoothly which the servos are not capable of with std gear. Does anyone have an idea how to smoothen a servo (different servo gear?)
    I have attached an image below.
    The roll index however has a complex gear mechanism which might still be used. The source wheel turns 360 while the scale index moves only 10. Any idea how one can connect that to the computer?
    Using stepper motors would require a optical sensor and the roll scale to move twice 360 which is not possible due to the cables for the pitch indicator.
    So far I am using opencockpit cards.

    I would very much appreciate inputs and ideas.

    Best regards

    Nils - Caravelle Website
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