Just want to introduce myself and say hello to everyone. My name is Darren and I live in North London. I have been flying sims since ms fs2000. Over the years have built a little cockpit for myself, mostly using Saitek and CH Products. I currently have: Saitek Cessna yoke, two throttle quadrants, light switch panel and two instrument display panels. CH Product rudder peddles, and a VRInsight instrument radio stack. All running on a very old computer that has been upgraded over the years. But sill doing the job, for now. With 3x20" monitors running in eyefinity. Up until recently I have been really only flying GA aircraft. Until I purchase the PMDG737NGX, It is amazing! And this has inspired me to want to build a 737NG cockpit.
In my research into how to get started i have fond this fantastic site. I'm hoping for a little help with getting off the start. I was thinking of starting by building a throttle quadrant and was wondering if there is a page on the site that would have a list of all the components needed. Such as how many pots, micro swithes and the like.
Thank you all for a great website. I look forward to sharing my build progress.