I have just cleared out my study ready for my 737 based cockpit build. My study is only 2.4m x 2.4m, so projectors are out on cost, space and noise grounds. I have however, managed to collect 5 22" monitors for the external views as well as a variety of others for the cockpit displays. I will be using multiple network computers and, as I set things up, will be testing combinations of FSX, Opus FSX, WideView and also a P3D setup (I have one license and may test the networking capabilities of this by purchasing another monthly license to see how I go)

I'm after some advice on the positioning of the monitors - there is potential that I could add further computers to the setup along with further monitors to create the 180 degree feel. The monitors, physically, are 47.5cm x 30cm (52cm wide with the bezel).

The sort of things bugging me are :
- Do I set up one monitor in the middle with two each side each with a equal angle between them (45 degrees for 5 monitors, 30 degrees if I expand to 7 monitors)
- If so, given that the pilot seats aren't on the center-line, what does this mean for the view angle I set in each screen (i.e. for the 5 screen set up, I would set 45 degrees in as the viewm, though this will be right in front f the captain seat)
- Should I instead put 3 straight side by side and then go 45 degrees and then 90 degrees. If I do this, what view angle do I put in each of the "front" screens - can't be all zero degrees as they would all the the same !

etc. - I'm sure you can see what's buzzing round my head.

Looking forward to any advice etc. and wishing you all the seasons best wishes

Now, where's that turkey gone .....