I am experiencing a problem with FS2phidget4.66,
trying to set up the flaps via analogue input (potentiometer).
When I configure the "Flaps Handle" Fsvar, I get phivalues
from 27 to 866, resulting in flaps settings for B737 ranging
from 1 to 30. I never succeeded to get the flaps fully retracted or
extended. I could never assign a phivalue to a corresponding flap setting.
There is no option available for that. Sometimes at the end of configuration,
if the deadband sensitivity is set to 5, I got the option for assigning values
to flaps position, but it does not work correctly.
I also tried to write in the Fs2 phiget.ini the correct values to the corresponding
flap setting, but without success. Fs2phidget gave an error message and did not start.

Many thanks for helping.