are Switch type Korry MON-OFF (momentary) sold by opencockpits suitable for Autopilot Annunciation lights on MIP?
They appear to have the correct dimensions so i wanted to order three of those if they work
the Annunciations i am referring to are the A/P P/RST and A/T P/RST and FMC P/RST the first 2 are yellow/red (depending on situation and the third FMC is yellow only
are they fully configurable in SIOC somehow to make them work... preferable with PMDG737NGX for FSX

Autopilot Annunciations on MIP panel Captain Side
1 switch
A/P P/RST yellow/red
2 switch
A/T P/RST yellow/red
3 switch
FMC P/RST yellow/yellow

but there is no switch position for me to mention.. as the light should be OFF all the time and then if yellow or red goes on.. via signal from iooutputs board (I think) then pressing the button should turn light and warning OFF
I don't know i am little confused here any help suggestions ?