Thanks for having me, I am in my early fifties with a broad range of interests and skills, and a large shop filled with tools ranging from machining to powder coating to fine woodwork to making printed circuit boards. Having owned a computer service company since 1997, I am fortunate to be paid for custom builds. During the 1990's I evolved to being the senior R&D tech at F.A.T.S. near Atlanta and got to build weapons simulators. Some projects have been flight and aviation simulators, some auto related, and a few in the weapons field.

On hand at the moment is a trade in, flightsim.jpga virtually as-new 2003 spec (15 pin, not USB) PFC PCATD with full NAVCOM stack, pedals, single and dual engine engine controls, and all the power supplies, cables, and drivers. Soon I will be building custom shipping boxes for it. With less than 70 hours on the Hobbs meter, I thought it might be of interest to someone here that can appreciate what a well made piece of gear it is. I bought the unit from PFC in late 2003, installed it in a custom simulator for a Ferrari team owner, and recently removed it from service when they upgraded to a glass cockpit setup.

I do not just want to pop in and see if I can sell something, so I will spend a while here and post photos of the PCATD as it is removed from the custom steel tube chassis, and prepared for shipping. It was run with MS Flight Simulator and X-Plane, and was ordered with all available options at the time.