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    FS keyboard re-visited - NO SOFTWARE.

    Our classic problem of converting all those key commands into something like real world actions has been addressed by many. I like the idea of Leo Bodnar's BBI products and especially SimSamuria's Flight Sim. approach** but with over 100 key strokes to substitute it can get expensive.

    With the availability of so many USB devices that can be connected at the same time makes it worth while to look again at the interfacing otions. With multiple USB Joysticks, Mice and Keyboards now readily available it is easily possible to replicate the keyboard functions as discrete inputs.

    I do not want to re-invent the wheel and I would pay to do the more complex switching problems but if I can cut down on the number of inputs requiring custom units then that would help me without hurting the suppliers too much.

    I have looked at the FS Key Command set to break them into distinct function sets and reduced the total set by ignoring Simulator and Slew commands which can be left on the standard keyboard and basic Aircraft flight controls normally on the Joystick of choice, which leaves the rest, some 117 key combinations. The attached document tells how to interface a variety of switches and the circuits are here:

    Please be aware that I have not tested all combinations as I am sure you will appreciate and I look forward to your suggestions for more keyboard tricks.

    ** References:
    Prepare For Take Off! | SimSamurai
    BBI-32 Button Box Interface : Leo Bodnar, Simulator Electronics

    Easily Access Your Computer's USB Port with our Model 2130 Junction Box. Designed for Standard SPST, SPDT Toggle Switches"

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    HT82K628A PS2 Keyboard Encoder - Holteck Semiconductor Intl.
    EM83050H PS2 Keyboard Encoder - EMC

    FSX inputs Link2fs_mouse software VB6 Visual basic 6

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