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    Adding non-default event IDs

    update below.
    Following Jim's "FSX input" information, I got excited about using some key presses that isn't in the FSX keypress list. I think I did everything I was suppose to, but it doesn't seem to show up in the list after changing the standard.XML file. Example: I wanted several light switches on my panel, we'll just talk about one since they all will be very similar. Taxi light switch; I have SDK installed, found the event ID list, used key press "ctrl + X" and "TOGGLE_TAXI_LIGHTS" for the string. Opened the standard.xml file with notepad++, copied and pasted an event, changed the keypress and string, then saved the file which was the xml file in the apps data section. I loaded FSX, but failed to find my entry. Then I located the xml file in FSX directory and changed it, still no entry in the fsx list. Hope someone might be able to shed some light on this. I have no entries in my sketch concerning this switch. Standing by...thanks in advance. Lee

    12/05/2012 Update: I have been able to get some of the SDK sources to show up on the "key press" page of FSX, some don't show, but if you type the letters for the key press, the switches move. Example, the nav lights don't show on the keypress page, however if I press the two keys assign things happen, the switch moves and a reflection of the light occurs on the wings, but no lights are visible. Does anyone know what else I might do to fix the problem. Thanks Lee
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