I am about to buy interfaces for my cockpit. However I am not sure what is wise to buy. I use the iFly 737 Cockpit Builders Edition and I think I will need to make a decision between the combination Pokeys / Lua and the combination Open Cockpits / SIOC. On my FSX PC I also run FSUIPC. I am planning to use the interfaces as analog and digital input only (for now anyway).

I think I like the Lua programming better than SIOC, but the example programs supplied with iFly CBE for Lua are all but complete (many times I have come accross things like '-- to be filled in'). The SIOC examples are complete (as far as I can tell at this moment). However I have read many times that there are programming problems due to the way SIOC handles the events (event driven). On the other hand I have a slight preference for the Pokeys 56U over the Open Cockpits variant.

So my questions are:
- Do you need any programming if you use the Pokeys 56U with FSUIPC or does FSUIPC recognize the Pokeys 56U as a joystick?
- Does any of you have had to make the same decision?
- What decision did you make.
- Based on what arguments did you make that decision?
- What are your experiences with the hardware / software that you choose?
- Knowing these experiences would you select the hardware / software again if you had to make the choice again?

Thanks in advance.