Hi there
I just had my hands on FSLCD
I've ut the eectronics,connect the display to LPT port,and it works.
I manage to set the offset in FSUIPC to change the screen as I'm using FSLCD 5.2 version.
now the problem starts when I want to display,say hdg value from PMDG 737-600.
Now in 737 from PNDG in general it's only values from AP that make problem and do not want to display on LCD,for example radio works fine.

In Just Flight Airbus A340 profesional I can't get any values display at all.

I suspect that I need the right offset
I have the list from PNDG but it just doesn't work.
I manage to get the list for Airbus (wilco) but their offset are not working as well.

I have FSUIPC monitor but it gives me standard offsets, the same that FSLCD ini file,has (those are not working on add on)

FSLCD log gives nothing as well,It displays sets of offsets,and keeps repeting them.(does notmake sense for me)

Does any one have a idea basicaly how to display values from AP fom Airbus (Just flight) or 737 PMDS on LD via FSLCD

OR how to capture right offsts

Othervis tethes no point building the stuff.

plseas help