G'day guys,

A mate and I are going to help each other build ourselves a 737 home cockpit, probably a single seat trainer each. We want to build it over a period of a couple of years, making modules as we go along, teaching each other things. After we have the modules complete, then we may start on making the MIP. We want it so that we can still fly using the NGX on our desktop computers throughout the build. This will also allow us also save up money in between.

These are the components we are going to make:
VHF COMM radio panel
NAV radio panel
XPNDER panel

Components we will buy:

For now we just have a few questions about the radio panels. We are planning on using the opencockpits panels. We will need for them the master card, USB extension, and display card, correct? Is it worth it making the panels, or would it be better spening the extra $$$ to buy them premade, and save us the time and hassle which could be put into other things. Also, if we made them could we use the opencockpit drivers for the NGX with them?

We would like to know what your opinions are. We are still in high school so money isn't in great supply, but then we are prepared to put in a bit more dosh if it will make our lives a whole lot easier and enjoyable. Cheers,