I've been a FSX pilot for some time now and have flirted with real flying but unfortunately the cost/logistics precluded this (I had three great microlight lessons).

Now I am seeking to make the sim experience as realistic as possible.

My aim is to make a generic 2 seater motion platform enclosed cockpit which will allow me to fly a range of different aircraft add-ons.

As a retired engineer/IT manager and avid DIYer, I think I have most of the skills I need to accomplish my aim. However, in many of the avenues I have explored I have found that things can become very impenetrable very quickly. Whilst there will be enjoyment in the build, I think that I in common with most people see the cockpit as the aim and not the journey to it. I feel very strongly that this site, from the small amount I have seen of it, will go a long way to demistifying cockpit building.

On the subject of my project and in more detail:

I am looking initially at a 2DOF platform.
Obviously I need to interface to FSX to get flight dynamic data in real time to calculate platform movement. (This is the bit that I am struggling with)
Develop software to drive the platform. (my intention is to use Arduino cards for the interface)
I am looking at connecting a second (old) PC to run any software.
I also want to use the second PC to drive an LCD screen showing the aircraft instruments. (This will allow the graphics to be tailored to suit the particular aircraft being flown.)

Oh.... and I want to do this as cheaply as I possibly can (being a mean Scot)