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    CNC Manufacturing and other things

    G'day All,

    Been a while and unfortunately I dont get much time to add to my progress.

    I have been working with Gwyn at Westozy for the last year mainly making his wonderful 737 rudder pedals. In between I've manged to knock out quite a few tricky jobs for friends and clients. I bought a small cnc for engraving and got so involved that I purchased two more and they have more than paid for themselves over the last twelve months. In fact one machine - a 28in bed - has virtually been running everyday since first bought. So much so I've had to replace the spindle twice.

    As with all builders I get a buzz when showing off what I've done. It's great when the client really appreciates it but even better when friends and acquaintances ohh and ahh.

    Anyway, if you haven't already bought one and you can afford it, take the plunge. They're fantastic pieces of kit and they add value to any workshop.

    I'm hoping now to get back to my sim with a view to posting more photos later.

    Best to all.

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