Hi everyone - I have just joined the forums.

I have been an avid FSX pilot for years - loved it as it was simple. In January I got XPlane 10 - and I love the higher fidelity of that system and that its will support multi-threaded CPU and full support for high end GPU. The image quality is very lifelike however its super complex to setup.

But .... XPlane doesnt seem to support decoupled visuals like FSX so setting up panels on separate monitors is challenging. I cannot set XPlane up with just a panel view without an outside visual.

Ideally I want my panel displayed on a touch screen monitor.

I have a 3 computer setup - one for left-hand external windows, center visual on a projectror (with panel and flight controls) and the 3rd for just right hand visuals - I am using the full set of Saitek pro panels and have also discovered software for a cool glass cockpit running on 2 iPads that runs Airtrack PFD, FMC, MFD etc.

I will be getting 2 extra projectors for left and right one I have figured out the basics.

Can I starts a dialog with someone who has experience setting up X-Plane with multi-screens ? Do I need extra avionics software etc ?

I am tempted to investigate jetmax from FDS - anybody seen that running ?

Sorry if this is a bit wide ranging and rambling !