Hi, all. I'm thinking about building a hardcore home flight sim environment with off-the-shelf commercial components. I've got a budget limit of $30k. What's special about my needs is that I work long hours and don't have much spare time to build everything myself, so I'll prefer commercially available plug and play solutions that don't require several years to build...I looked at some of the stories of serious builders and really admire their effort, but it's just not suitable for my schedule. For this I am willing to sacrifice level of immersion, but I think with a more generic set-up I won't be restricted to one type of aircraft, although I'm primarily PMDG737NGX-centered.

I have had a few joy rides on commericial fixed base and full motion training simulators but really don't have any good idea how to build one for myself. A preliminary idea is to build around a top-notch computer that can run FSX/Prepar3D+PMDG737+ground scenery addon at close to max visual setting, multiple large size monitors, a TrackIR, replica 737 yoke, rudder and throttle quadrant. Pointers to sellers of those equipment will be helpful.

Budget should cover all hardware and software involved, FSX, PMDG737, etc...

This is my first attempt to get my hands on serious flightsim hardware. Right now I have an Alienware running FSX+PMDG and an old Microsoft sidewinder I got many years ago. A lot of money is involved at this level so purchase decisions must be made carefully. Any idea, especially those speaking from own experience, would be very helpful. Thank you all in advance.