OK guys, I have another problem I'm trying to set up the Cabin Alerts, but not having any luck. I am pasting the instructions. Does the sounds go into the aircraft sound or the sound folder on the first Sim page ? Always My Best Dave
-Go to your FSX sound folder(C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Sound)

-Delete or move the file 'CabinAlert' to your desktop

-Extract or copy the sounds included in the archive to the sound folder.

-Now go to the 'Simobjects\Airplanes' folder,

-Open any of the requested aircraft folders, go to their sound folders and open sound.cfg, using notepad.

-Find the seatbelt and cabin alert area (pretty much at the bottom).

-On the [NO_SMOKING_ALERT] change the filename to CabinAlert1, then save. You're done!