Just thought i would share this with everyone...as i am sure you already know, but nonetheless nobody pointed it out to me.

My simpit setup will be two 17 inch monitors, one for the Captains flight instruments and the other for the First Officers flight insturments.

All the engine instruments, and everything on the center panel will be real aircraft gauges modified using Open Cockpits USB servo boards for integration.

I also have a number of client computers running wideview external views.

After putting all the parts together, i desired an additional monitor that would give me the exact information that was displayed on the Captains and FO panels.

For obvious reasons, this would allow me to boot up fs9 and any other devices necessary, or even shut down the server PC without having to 'guess' where the mouse pointer was, or try and look behind/around the instrument panel cutouts.

I have a 8900 GT graphics card with two DVI outputs, so this allowed me to run two screens off of one card...as setup in the Navidia menu.

I dropped by my local computer store and asked them how i could get another monitor up and running...displaying the same information...as the other two screens.

The only viable option, according to them, was to install another graphics card. Which i did, (Radion HD6450). Although the card went in fine...and it accepted the drivers...it would not display anything but the windows "wallpaper" and i could not get it to show any icons.

Regardless...i decided to try a video splitter from one of the 9800gt ports...and now i have three monitors displaying off a single graphics card!

Can't take the video card back because of no return policy.....another life lesson.