Hi. I looked around your forums finding some writing about eyefinity that closely fit but not exactly fit my problem

I have a fsx setup with 3 43' monitors in portrait mode. In addition to these I have 3 17 inch touch screen monitors I want to run 2d panels on (not part of eyefinity group) all mounted on a hydraulic platform to simulate thrust and movement

Anyways. First I ran into the mouse flickering due to panel.cfg being wrong issue but I fixed that. Now I have another problem which you brilliant gurus hopefully can solve

When I undock a panel I can resize it fine as long as it is in the eyefinity group. But if I move it to a monitor outside the group and try resizing or such, I get the flickering mouse issue again. Why is this? I've set 0.33 stuff for all windowXX (note. They are clickable and work as long as I don't touch the size)

Also I have a odd issue for the PFD for one of my aircrafts where the instrument will dissapear if I click somewhere on it that's not a button.

Any assistance is more than welcome