Hi, my name is Pedro Salazar Ortega.

I wanted to try to see if you can help me with some doubts about a FUTURE CURVE VISUAL SETUP.

A friend of mine has this CURRENT SETUP:

-6 networked computers, 3 computers are used for outside/panoramic view.
-3x 50" monitors. Each monitor is connected to a diferent computer in the network(above mentioned).
-WIDEVIEW(http://wideview.it/) is installed over the network to manage outside/panoramic view.

I want to help him to take the current visual to another level, I would like to install a setup similar to http://nthusim.com/setup/ivar-hestne...-degree-visual. Using a curved screen of 200 degrees of Field of Vision or at least 180 degrees using 3 projector.

I have read a thread here in NTHUSIM.com the next thread:

In which Melnato mentioned the following:

"Dont for get the third method of "true" 180 FOV, and that is with 3 computers running each projecter independantly, using WideView or VRSync. Thats what I am "playing" with at the moment."



My DOUBTS araise when in the setup is operating WIDEVIEW:

1) Which software is using for edge blending and warping (NTHUSIM does not support networked festure), such a way across the network can control the views in the 3 projectors?

2) How many views(3,4,5) in FS2004 were necessary to achieve 180 degrees of Field of Vision in the circular/curve screen?

3) Which way would you proceed to make the zoom/orientation setting for the curve screen?. Do you have any tutorial?

I appreciate your attention to this mesage.

Thank you in advance.