Hello everyone.

I asked this in the PMDG737NGX forum but received no responses. I've moved my FO PFD and my FO ND over to another monitor. I still have room for the EFIS and MCP, however I cant seem to get them undocked. Does anyone know if it's possible to undock and move these two panels?

Well, I made some progress and managed to set up a second monitor with an MCP panel across the top of a PFD and ND on a 15 inch separate monitor by undocking in FS. Quite simple really, once you get the hang of it. It appears however, that it isn't possible to undock the EFIS.

So being quite happy with said results I hunkered down to fly, spent about 20 minutes setting up the CDU and was about ready to do the take off roll and found out that ..out of my throttle, yoke and pedals...only the throttle worked. After monkeying around a bit, lost all the throttle axies and throttle button assignments . The rest of the evening was spent trying to resolve the nightmare which ended up me losing all my throttle settings in FSUIPC4. No idea what I did to do that :/ . To get my axes working properly again, I had to goto W7 Control panel and recalibrate them. FSUIPC4 would not see proper readouts until I did the Windows calibration. I was thinking maybe the gear was slipping on the shaft or that maybe the P260 had gone south, but after recalibrating in windows, it is now responding normally.

Today is a new day and I've redone my throttle settings and will try to get my CH pedals and Yoke to get along with my throttle quad.